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Yacon Root products are now available directly to you, shipped from here in Australia. Yacon Root Extract (also known as Yacon Syrup in Australia) are the latest weight loss sensations to appear on the worldwide market. Mainly thanks to an appearance on the Dr Oz Show, but the yacon has been around for a very long time and has much credibility.

Where is Yacon Root Extract From?

For centuries, people in the Andes Mountains of South America have enjoyed a root vegetable called yacon that shares its family lineage with the sunflower and looks like a sweet potato. The word “sweet” reveals one reason why people like this crunchy tuber and it also is a reason why yacon root extract syrup made from the vegetable is gaining popularity around the world.

Yacon Root and Syrup Benefits

The yacon and its syrup extract are more than naturally sweet foods; they also can help people lose weight. While natives living in the Andes have used yacon as a staple food, scientists have recently made some interesting discovering about this amazing vegetable and its ability to potentially help people improve their health and assist in weight loss.

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FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract 3 Months + 3 FREE!
FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract 3 Months + 3 FREE!
Wow! FREE SHIPPING now available with our most popular deal. You receive 3 months free supply of Yacon Syrup Extract when you pay for 3 months worth. That's 6 bottles of Yacon for the price of 3! Each bottle contains 60 x 500mg capsules of pure Yacon from the Yacon root. This is a terrific supplement to help your weight loss program get rapid and consistent results. This product is made in the USA in an FDA registered lab. Order today and we will ship to you next business day.

FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract 2 Months + 1 Free
FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract 2 Months + 1 Free
Free Shipping to Australia and New Zealand! Our product is 100% natural Yacon with 60 x 500mg capsules. Buy 2 months supply and get 1 month Free! Great value with fantastic savings. This is a great supplement to help get your weight loss program underway using this Yacon supplement. Like all weight loss supplements you will receive the best results if you embark on a healthy diet and do regular moderate exercise. From research we know this definitely helps but also understand that in today's world many of us are too busy to embark on such programs. Studies using Yacon have proven that results are possible in weight loss without making changes to your daily schedule. Shipped next business day!

Yacon Extract Capsules x 1 Month Supply
Yacon Extract Capsules x 1 Month Supply
One month supply of Yacon capsules. Each bottle contains 60 x 500mg capsules of 100% Pure Yacon extract. We recommend that you take 2 capsules per day. This amazing Syrup will get the best results for people who are already overweight, obese, people who have high blood sugar levels , need more fibre or are chronically constipated. If you fill one or more of these categories and you are interested in improving your lifestyle then Yacon may definitely be worth trying. No recurring credit card payments or hidden costs. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our orders (see our "terms and conditions" page to find out more).

Yacon with Colon Cleanse

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Yacon Root Syrup Extract

Yacon_Syrup_Extract500mg Capsules

60 capsules per bottle

100% Natural

500mg capsule of Pure  Syrup Extract from Yacon Root

Pure Yacon Extract in a capsule.500 mgs of yacon root ingredient per capsule No additives and no fillers. 100% natural product of the highest quality Manufactured in the United States in a cGMP laboratory in an FDA registered facility. Recommended dosage of two capsules per day. Each Pure Yacon Extract bottle contains 60 capsules or approximately one months supply.


Colon Cleanse

Colon_Cleanse766mg Capsules

60 capsules per bottle

100% Natural

Acai berry Fruit powder
Psyllium Powder
Slippery Elm Bark
Aloe Vera leaf powder
Black Walnut Hulls powder
Ginger root  
Hyssop leaf  
Papaya fruit powder

Recommended dosage: 2 capsules per day (1532 mg)

FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract Capsules 3 Months + 3 Colon Cleanse FREE!
FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract Capsules 3 Months + 3 Colon Cleanse FREE!
Fantastic NEW Offer with FREE SHIPPING! When you purchase three months supply of Yacon Extract Capsules we will give you three months supply of Colon Cleanse absolutely free of charge. Our Colon Cleanse product is 100% natural and is a great addition to your weight loss program. It is one of the most powerful detox and anti-oxidant products on the market. Each bottle of Yacon and Colon Cleanse contains 60 capsules.

FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract Capsules 2 Months + 1 Free Bottle of Colon Cleanse
FREE SHIPPING! Yacon Extract Capsules 2 Months + 1 Free Bottle of Colon Cleanse
FREE Shipping on our new and exciting product offer combo pack. When you order two months supply of Yacon Syrup Extract we will send you one bottle of Colon Cleanse to help supercharge your weight loss regime. Both of our Syrup extract and Colon Cleanse products are 100% natural. Our Colon Cleanse is rich in anti oxidants and is one of the most powerful detox products on the market. Each bottle of Yacon and Colon Cleanse contains 60 capsules.

Yacon Extract Capsules x 1 Month Supply plus 1 X Colon Cleanse
Yacon Extract Capsules x 1 Month Supply plus 1 X Colon Cleanse
Our new exciting product offer combines Yacon Extract from the Yacon Root with Colon Cleanse to supercharge your weight loss program. Both our Colon Cleanse product and our Yacon Syrup extract are 100% natural. The Colon Cleanse is one of the most powerful detox and anti-oxidant products on the market. Each bottle of Yacon and Colon Cleanse is the equivalent to approximately 1 months supply and contains 60 capsules.


We are so confident our product will exceed your expectations that we are offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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What is it about Yacon that makes it so special?

Yacon Syrup AustraliaOne feature researchers discovered about yacon is that it is lower in calories than some other sweeteners. For example, one tablespoon of the syrup has 20 calories. The same amount of table sugar provides 48 calories while a tablespoon of honey can provide 60 calories or more. This feature, however, is not the one most associated with weight loss. After all, stevia is a natural sweetener and has virtually no calories. Why should you be interested in yacon syrup? Yacon tubers are composed of about 50 percent fructooligosaccharide (FOS). This carbohydrate and dietary fiber not only gives yacon its sweet taste, it also has weight loss advantages. Why? The human body cannot metabolize FOS well, so you can get the sweetness without all the calories and a spike in blood sugar. This latter feature is important for diabetics who should focus on low glycemic foods. Yacon and yacon syrup are such foods. FOS also is a prebiotic, which means it has the ability to support and nourish probiotics (good bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) in the intestinal tract. It’s important to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the digestive system both for good health and as a way to support appetite control and weight loss.

Yacon syrup and weight loss

A few studies have looked at how yacon syrup may help with weight loss. One involved 55 premenopausal women who were obese and who also had high cholesterol. Over a six-month period, the women took either 0.29 grams FOS/kilogram/day or 0.14 grams FOS/kilogram/day or no yacon syrup. At the same time, the women were asked to reduce the number of calories they consumed per day and to walk for 1.5 hours per week. At the end of the study, the researchers reported the following:

  • The women who ate yacon syrup experienced a significant reduction in weight (average of 33 lbs), size of their waist (average of 4 in) and body mass index.
  • The participants said they felt fuller and had an increase in the number of bowel movements. Both of these results are likely associated with FOS.
  • There was a drop in fasting serum insulin levels. This is significant because the women were insulin resistant, a key sign of prediabetes. Since prediabetes affects approximately 79 million Americans, yacon syrup may have a role in helping with this condition.
  • Women who used yacon syrup had a marked decline in bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein, LDL) levels.
  • The lower dose of yacon syrup did not cause any significant side effects. Adverse reactions that can occur when consuming too much of a pure yacon supplement may include severe flatulence, cramping and diarrhea.

yacon-syrups-on-dr-ozIn a study conducted by the Dr. Oz Show, 40 women consumed 1 teaspoon of yacon root extract before or along with their three meals per day for four weeks. Otherwise, the women were told to maintain their normal diet and exercise routines. After four weeks, 73 percent of the women had lost weight. Of the 29 women who dropped weight, 14 lost at least 5 pounds while the average weight loss was 2.9 pounds. The women also tightened their belts more, as the average decline in waist size was 1.9 inches. Should you try yacon root syrup? Several medical experts commented on the findings of the yacon studies and the general consensus was that the weight loss results look promising and that more research is needed. If you want to use yacon root syrup, the suggested use is one teaspoon before or with your meals. Taking more than this amount can result in side effects. The syrup can be used to sweeten hot and cold beverages, cereals, vegetables, casseroles and smoothies. Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their healthcare provider before using yacon root products.

Yacon Trials – Warning

Something I like to mention to buyers online, looking for a bargain, is what happens when you take on a product trial. I have noticed recently several Yacon Root supplement trials on offer which seem very enticing.

If you sign up for one of these offers please realize that the seller now has your credit card details. They would be making a loss by sending you the product for next to nothing so you will find that usually before you receive your first shipment that your credit card has been deducted an amount for an expensive months supply.

When you try to contact the seller you will find it is often not straight forward. You may send a few angry emails and even return the products.

Then your next payment comes out. If you are a person who does not check your credit card the payments then you may fail to notice your Yacon purchase just keeps on rolling over, month by month. The seller will have this all in the fine print by the way, or they may even have a “terms and conditions” page that does not even work!

How do I stop this situation? If you or a friend are already involved in a Yacon Trial scam then the first course of action is to destroy your credit card. Cut your losses. This may sound inconvenient but it will probably save you several hundred dollars.

Examples like this mentioned above happen too frequently, and I would ask anyone looking to get a “Yacon Free Trial” to please think twice.

Other Yacon Scams

There are several other types of scam which you will commonly find on the internet with weight loss products like Yacon.

If the type of product has been endorsed by Dr Oz that is fantastic. The scam is that unscrupulous operators use Dr Oz’s name in branding and endorsing their own product. This is most often not true.

One of the largest online natural product companies offers other products when you purchase. In other words they cross sell but at a bargain price. Then one month later you find that you are receiving monthly subscriptions of this product and it is being deducted from your credit card. When you made your bargain purchase you were so excited that you did not read the fine print.

If a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Be careful when making your Yacon purchase.

Why are we different?

Firstly we do not take your credit card details. There are no recurring payments and all of our offers are simple and transparent. We do not make claims about or Yacon being what Dr Oz used or his own product. Our products and systems are simple and aboveboard.

If you do have any questions or concerns please take a moment to contact us via our contact page.